Return to Work

Heidi Meireles

December 06, 2017 A La Heart Design

I am a wife, a mother and a professional with 20 years of experience in fundraising and development.

As a mother, I cherish every opportunity my children have to learn and grow through quality education and the many experiences at school and beyond their life in Southern California. Last year, we enjoyed the adventure of moving our family to Portugal to experience another country as you only can 24/7, 365 days a year. We learned new ways of doing things and understanding how different historical backgrounds inform and shape the current attitudes of our Portuguese friends and classmates. We immersed ourselves in the Portuguese language — not just to improve our communication skills, but to better understand cultural norms and expectations we now encounter daily.

My family and I are extremely fortunate and cherish the unique year we have undertaken. Yet, both at home and abroad, I have seen the disparity that exists as governments and NGOS seek to provide true quality of life for so many people. To overcome this disparity, I believe we each must stretch ourselves individually, to expand our own personal boundaries and perspectives, and to learn about and engage with communities around the world. I am convinced that by being truly active in this global movement we can achieve sustainable change, and true quality of life can become a reality for more of our fellows — regardless of the country or community they may call home.

I value my experiences with the Hidden Truths Project. When I volunteer with Hidden Truths Project, I’m helping my community – a community of global citizens and fellow humans. And, I’m becoming a more open-minded citizen with an ever-evolving international perspective in the process.

I believe passionately that when people come together across cultures to work side-by-side we build bridges of understanding that are powerful and essential to building a safe and healthy future for all people.