Surviving the Night – Dobkin for Art of Future Warfare

February 13, 2015


Julie Thompson Dobkin


Today, Adin Dobkin discussed the foreign-domestic civilian gap existing during conflict situations at home and abroad.  The article was featured by the Atlantic Council’s Art of Future Warfare Project and uses the recently released video game, This War of Mine, as a case study.

Dobkin states:

“As an American playing This War of Mine in Washington, DC, I found myself in a situation that characterizes the civilian conundrum of the United States during times of war. While I could not be closer to the most important decisions made about war, statecraft, and diplomacy in the world, I could not be farther from the realities of those decisions. When considering the oftentimes exceedingly high cost of modern war on civilians in today’s and tomorrow’s wars, it is a privileged if disquieting position in which to find oneself.”

The full article can be found at

Photo Credit: The United Nations


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