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If Not Us, Then Who?

March 16, 2022


Julie Thompson Dobkin


The Transformative Powers of Art in Epilepsy

Part I: “Under the Lights”

After a successful run in 2021 of the 4-part film series: If not us, then who?, we are extremely excited to bring back the Oscar qualifying version of Under the Lights. Following the short film will be an exciting panel discussions led by experts in the film industry and neurologists, along with writer and director, Miles Levin. The discussion will focus on epilepsy as historically portrayed in film, how the creative arts can be used to reflect the truths of epilepsy to garner greater mass appeal beyond the epilepsy community.

Film is a powerful tool to connect with the general public. It has an extraordinary ability to influence public perception and therefore, become an educational platform. Unfortunately, throughout history, epilepsy as represented in cinema has been sensationalized, distorted, associated with fear in order to create a sense of audience unease .  If not us, then who? film series is Hidden Truths Project’s effort to fight the stigma and misrepresentations of epilepsy in cinema through active engagement of people with epilepsy driving the narrative. 

The inside-outside story … Truth versus Fiction!

“Although there has been a steady progression away from concealment of the condition, epilepsy continues to signal ‘otherness’ in movie characters and seldom in a good way”.
Epilepsy & Behavior; Epilepsy on the Silver Screen in the 21st Century, S. B.

Please join us on Thursday, March 31st, 4 pm PT for this free event.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming short films. Topics to be included:
– A mother’s loss of her son to epilepsy and how she used this tragedy to raise awareness through the arts.
– Finding one’s inner voice with epilepsy by becoming a marathon runner.
– Navigating the dating scene with seizures.
– Shedding light on the positive and embarrassing moments of epilepsy.
June 30th
September 29th
December 22nd

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