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Hidden Truths, the Mind Unraveled 2015

April 27, 2015 Julie Thompson-Dobkin The Art of Epilepsy

Hidden Truths Project (HTP), together with the Epilepsy Foundation of America, have announced the date of the 2015 Hidden Truths, the Mind Unraveled art exhibition.  The event is slated for October 3, 2015 in Costa Mesa, California.

The Mind Unraveled exhibition is now in its 4th year showcasing the use of art in education.  Since its inception, it has seen exceptional growth with wide domestic and international participation.  The achievements over the last year have included the National Institutes of Health hosting of ‘The Mind Unraveled’ art show, and a PBS documentary, (Living With Epilepsy by Partisan Pictures) incorporating several selections from the 2014 exhibit.  In addition, the Malaysian Society of Epilepsy has joined the efforts of HTP to to continue outreach in Asia.

The caliber of art has continued to evolve, now including mediums such as hand painted ostrich eggs from Australia, seizure technology-based art from  the U.K., origami, abstract sculptures of alabaster, poetry, essays,and short films.  The ‘Mind Unraveled’ continues to attract new artists from here and abroad including Ireland, Pakistan, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Canada.


Alexandra Rozenman

The 2015 Hidden Truths, the Mind Unraveled exhibition will be held at the Gray Matter Museum of Art.  The space has been described as edgy, “imagination-minded”, innovative & an inspirational gallery …“triggering the gray matter within us all.” An apropos setting to display an eclectic international collection of art bound together through epilepsy.

To submit your work for the juried 2015 exhibition go to:  2015 Hidden Truths submissions form.  Submissions are due on June 1st.


For tickets or more information: or (714) 987-9975

Photo Credit: Jude Rouslin