If Not Us, Then Who? The Transformative Powers of Art in Epilepsy. Part II: ePILLepsy

Thursday 20 May 2021; 4 pm Pacific Time

If Not Us Then Who? The Transformative Power of Art in Epilepsy. The four-part series will take you on an exciting journey of four films written and directed by people with epilepsy, sharing their stories from the inside-out with guest speakers from the film industry and experts in the area. Please join us for Part II, “ePILLepsy” by Ingrid Pfau, an accomplished filmmaker from Birmingham, AL, with commentary from Jim Abrahams, well-known for the Airplane movies and co-founder of The Charlie Foundation To Help Cure Pediatric Epilepsy.

Despite 100 years of research and new drug development: 1/3rd of individuals live with uncontrolled seizures, 1/3rd of individuals whose seizures are controlled have side effects from the medications to control their seizures, and 1/3rd of individuals seizures are controlled with no side effects.  Treatment failure and poor adherence are not uncommon issues in patients experiencing side-effects from medications to control epilepsy. In approximately 25% of the patients, side-effects lead to treatment discontinuation and have a substantial, negative impact on their quality of life. The target issues of Part II will address are the side effects from medications used in attempt to control their epilepsy and the impact upon wellbeing.

Hidden Truths Project was founded in 2012 with the goal of engaging people with epilepsy, to empower them through their creative narratives to share lived experiences, to raise awareness, and inform the world the truths of epilepsy, If not us, then who?


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