Kevin's Pyramids

If Not Us, Then Who? ‘Last Pyramid’

The Transformative Power of the Arts in Epilepsy

Please join Hidden Truths Project on June 30th for If Not Us, Then Who? the transformative power of art in epilepsy to bring the inside story of epilepsy out through film. ‘Last Pyramid’ is an award-winning film showcased at the Northern Virginia International Film Festival in 2015. It reveals one mother’s resolve to turn a tragedy into beautiful works of art, to become beacons of light to help the millions across the globe whose lives have been impacted by epilepsy.

In 2001, Patricia Barnes thought her life had ended following her son Kevin’s epilepsy-related death. Then one day, she awoke with the urge to create a series of stained glass pyramids, never having made one before. Thirteen years and twenty pyramids later, Trish has decided to complete the final piece and move forward from her loss. ‘Last Pyramid’ is a story of healing through creation. The short documentary takes you on Trish’s journey from tragedy to triumph as she finishes her final tribute to the life of her lost son.

“Disabled people in film, on television, and in other forms of media should reflect the reality of our lives—our joys, sorrows, struggles, victories, and the everyday issues we all face. Only then will we be able to effectively counteract the themes of our being invisible OR seen only as incapable, a drain, a tragedy.”
– Judy Heumann, a disability rights activist   

Please join Hidden Truths Project along with Trish Barnes in this inspiring evening revealing the power of art to heal. The transformative power of art in epilepsy.


Last Pyramid was made possible by the generous support of UCB

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