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Hidden Truths, the Mind Unraveled 2014

October 20, 2014 Julie Thompson-Dobkin The Art of Epilepsy , , ,

October 11th, Hidden Truths Project co-hosted its 3rd Annual Hidden Truths, the Mind Unraveled in Costa Mesa, California. Over 150 guests and 15 artists from as far away as Malaysia discussed the role of art as a language and education tool while examining over 90 pieces of art that were showcased. In this instance, the art became the voice of the artist to reveal the truths of a life lived with epilepsy. The role that the art played in the education of this issue became self-evident

The focus of this year’s event was perception and the role of the observer. The honoree of the event was Dr. Christopher DeGiorgio, MD of UCLA Medical School for his work in Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation.

Kant Institute Direct of Curriculum Studies, Dr. Julie Thompson-Dobkin, DO, discussed the success of this year’s event.

Hidden Truths, the Mind Unraveled 2014 continues to expand. This year we have 85 adult and student artists represented from a pool of over 120 artists from around the world. Several artists without epilepsy were recruited… given the task of sharing their understanding of epilepsy through the medium of art.”

“From prehistory, art was born out of the necessity to communicate with others – frequently regarding subjects that simply cannot be communicated through language. It can fulfill a number of different functions, such as creating a sense of beauty, perfection, harmony, or order. In addition, art can reveal the ambiguous reality and chaos many individuals encounter in their daily lives, often times defying words.”

Many times the knowledge that is gained through the observation of art is not explicit, but instead is tacitly buried in perception, intuition, and insight. This fact sometimes makes it difficult to formalize, communicate, or share with others. It is deeply personal and rooted in each individual’s experiences.

Anthony Brigance Cook Sculpture
Sculpture by Anthony Brigance Cook

As we approach the 4th year of Hidden Truths Project, we seek to continue its expansion globally, as well as address other pressing issues confronting our nation. These areas include those of veterans returning from war, autism, and homelessness.