Oil, acrylic, collage

In the past my artwork was focused on the figure and portraiture.  This most recent series of paintings delves into the abstract and is less about realism.  Intense, vibrant colors and textures, or a lack thereof, are common motifs in my paintings.

For the “Vision” series I set out to make paintings that were different from my usual work.  I did this by using tools to apply paint that normally aren’t considered for making art.  Things such as squeegees, spatulas, and razors. 

Normally I prefer to work in oil paints for their vibrancy, but lately I’ve been getting into mixing things up by first working in acrylics and then adding in elements of collage.  I prefer to work on a larger canvas, but recently I’ve enjoyed painting on smaller sheets of canvas paper.  Somehow, having a lack of room to work challenges me and fuels my desire to create.

I take each of these elements to represent feelings or experiences I’ve had living with epilepsy (something that developed after having a bleed on the brain as a teenager).  As a result of this, I’m often asked why my art is so dark, or scary?  It’s not my intention to make it that way.  However, some aspects of my life and my epilepsy haven’t been the best, but I try to use painting as a way to cope and move forward.


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