The Snowstorm


Seizure in the Snow
I want to share with you a time when I felt there had to have been an angel in my presence protecting me during and after a seizure.  Memories when I felt that there was ‘someone’ there to protect me or I wouldn’t be here to share my experience.

When I lived in Maine there had been a major Nor’easter, snow falling and rising throughout the day.  I hate being stranded inside a home, unable to go outside.  The snowstorm ended in the early evening.  I wanted to get out after having been stuck at home all day.

I went for a walk in the cool night air; the snow was fresh, with no tire marks or foot prints to mar the beauty.  I decided to head to the 7-Eleven to get a soda.  The roads were just starting to be plowed and the sidewalks cleared.  After getting my soda, I started back home and as I was crossing the road, I had an aura quickly followed by a grand-mal seizure.

 As I began to awaken from the seizure, the realization came, I found myself lying  on the ground.  My head and shoulders were on the edge of the street with the rest of my body stretched out on the sidewalk.  I was so confused, looking up and down the street, not able to understand where I was.  I began to walk home, but felt lost.  I went walking in the direction I thought was right, however, I was confused and unsure of where my home was or which way I was headed.  As I continued to walk, I recognized the neighborhood middle school and realized I was beyond my home.  I looked around, still confused, lost, with no idea which way to go.

As I wandered up and down the streets, the confusion began to clear, and I realized that I was walking in the opposite direction to my home.  I turned and went back the other way, treaded through the snow, still feeling confused and unsure.  There were no cars or people around and the recent snow added to my disorientation.  As I continued to walk, my mind and memory became clearer.  I continued to walk, going up one street and another, until I finally found my way home.  When I got home, I looked in the bathroom mirror and saw that my face was bloody and bruised with bits of ice encrusted in  my hair. 

The next day as I thought about the seizure and how my body had landed on the street, I realized that I could have been run over by a car or hit by the snowplow.  I wondered in my confusion, how I had found my way home.  I knew an angel had to have been present to keep me safe and allow me to find my way home.  This picture is a story similar to my own.  An individual with a seizure was found by a stranger, while an angel stood near keeping watch and protecting them from harm.

In the EEG, you will see the word ‘epilepsy’ spelled out.  The EEG represents a seizure event.

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