The Satellite & Her Sky

Digital print on satin luster paper, faced mounted

Nicole Susko’s work is a collection of digital paintings that represent the place between dreams and memories.  Her pieces are inspired by the acute nostalgic and dream-like states that result from her temporal lobe epilepsy.  Her color palettes are intense, dark, and her works often feature themes of romance and surreal scenery.

I’ve always had a passion for art, but developed increased creativity after years of having temporal lobe seizures.  It has been a really great outlet and form of therapy for me dealing with my own Epilepsy—a silver lining amidst a difficult struggle!  I’m hoping I can show other people going through similar experiences that they can use their talents to express themselves and help heal/ exercise the mind.

Ms. Susko was born in New Hampshire.  She graduated from Boston University in 2009 with a degree in Film Production, and has been a working artist and photographer since 2012.  Her primary medium is digital painting in Photoshop and natural light, digital photography.  Ms. Susko currently resides in New England with her husband, new baby, and three Yorkshire Terriers.


100% of proceeds donated to Hidden Truths Project
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