Ring Around the Stars


 I started to have very violent seizures at 13 years old.  Luckily, I was surrounded by a very creative, artistic, and musical family.  My mother was an artist and my father, a craftsman.  They always supported creative projects and art making.  My family had a difficult time talking about the seizures with me.  I felt like a burden and hid the problems, depression, and anxious feelings I was experiencing.  If I didn’t mention it, nobody would ask, so I hid the seizures, pain, and confusion.  It took years of help from different sources to not feel invisible, and to receive affirmation that I have a legitimate medical challenge.

I studied studio art in college.  I also studied art therapy and the power of art to heal.  After college, I served in AmeriCorps near the U.S. El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico border, as an artist-in-residence to understand the major challenges of many diverse people.  The following year, I studied fine art in graduate school at Savannah College of Art & Design to enhance my perspective.  Subsequently, I enrolled at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio out of curiosity of mystical and religious experiences.

I’m inspired to create what I yet do not see in the world and determined to make art that prove the critics obsolete and overcome obstacles that drive my life.  My work includes painting, collage, and short stories.  I layer abstract images to express the movement, dimension, sharpness, disarray, and electric jolt of seizures.  I treasure the freedom of dismantling my feelings; and rearranging materials and language in my own particular order to make sense of this life. 

My grandmother had epilepsy and because of the harsh stigma in her youth, the anxiety, and problems it caused, was  generally misdiagnosed by doctors and disregarded by her family.  In her memory and for everyone that knows the struggle, I have dedicated my life to embrace and expose the challenges of a seizure disorder through art.  I try to keep faith in the unseen and have hope there will be more viable treatments in the future to improve the quality of our lives.


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  • Size: Unframed: 12 inch, 12 inch
  • Website: www.kimberlymullett.com
  • Email: kimberly.mullett1@gmail.com
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