Random Visions

Mixed Media: collage, acrylic, trinkets

For 36 years of her life, Ms. Deal has been managing epilepsy, which started at the age of 19. She has survived and conquered decades of medical trials, brain surgery, a brain tumor and a VNS implant.  Technically, she combines mixed media on canvas to explain what a person with epilepsy sees and experiences during a seizure.  Her goal with art is to visually attract others, to open the discussion about epilepsy, and foster a better understanding of the disease.

To purchase: jane.plainjane.deal@gmail.com
Dorothy’s Random Visions: $175
Copper Aura: $150


  • Dorothy's Random Visions: Framed: 16.5 inch, 24 inch
  • Copper Aura: 12 inch, 24 inch
  • Email: jane.plainjane.deal@gmail.com
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