The Art of Epilepsy: A Bridge of Understanding

January 17, 2018


Julie Thompson Dobkin


The Kant Institute: 1:26 The Art of Epilepsy art exhibit is approaching its seventh year. The annual fundraiser showcases the art of individuals living with the challenges of epilepsy. Exhibitions of works by those affected by this condition provide a unique, insightful perspective of the nature and emotional impact of living with epilepsy.  Over the past six years, this creative platform has served to empower these artists, educate the public about this condition, and raise much-needed funds for epilepsy research.

Over 260 artists from countries including Australia, Malaysia, India, Ireland, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Jamaica, Sweden, the UK, Spain, Ireland, Pakistan, and throughout the U.S, have shared their work to educate, inspire and to fight the stigma and bias directed towards individuals living with epilepsy. Art is a universal language to unite this racially, culturally and socio-economically diverse group of artists.  Together the artists have formed a movement which is built upon inclusivity, tolerance, and understanding, to link individuals across the globe who live with the impact of epilepsy.

Although each artist’s narrative is unique, there is a common thread woven into their stories.  For some the art is a means to create order out of chaos. For others the creative process fosters a sense of predictability and control in their lives, which many of these individuals living with epilepsy strive to achieve.  For others it is a story of overcoming obstacles.

The Kant Institute: Hidden Truths Project is excited by the direction it is heading. Please join us on this journey, as 1:26 The Art of Epilepsy continues to expand.   This year, in collaboration with CURE (Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy), The Art of Epilepsy will be held in three new cities in the U.S.: Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and our home base in Newport Beach, California.  This expansion will allow Hidden Truths Project to continue sharing these artists’ voices and to positively impact those who live with epilepsy!

If you are an artist with epilepsy: Application for artists

For more information:

Artists credits: Anthony Brigance-Cook, Jude Rouslin, Nathan Plung

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