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The Art of Epilepsy – 2016 Update

March 01, 2016 Julie Thompson-Dobkin The Art of Epilepsy , , ,

The Kant Institute Hidden Truths Project (HTP) sponsors The Art of Epilepsy, a series of exhibitions in southern California. The exhibitions, which raise funds for epilepsy research, drew the interest of corporate sponsors.  At their request, The Art of Epilepsy has been installed at several MemorialCare Imaging Centers.


The art, whose makers live around the globe, are linked through the common thread of epilepsy.  For many of the artists, their art has become a tool to share seizure-related experiences. For others, the art reflects the stigma and bias directed against them or a reflection of their emotional state.

The goal of the exhibits is to raise awareness, to educate the public about the truths of epilepsy, and to foster understanding and empathy. The art has become these artists’ voices in the fight to create acceptance of this hidden disability and their contribution to bringing awareness to this cause.

Now in its second month, The Art of Epilepsy has continued to elevate public and corporate interest.  Upcoming exhibitions are planned for additional sites in southern California, as well as other public venues.

Vincent Buchinsky, one of the featured artists in The Art of Epilepsy, stated:  

The Curtain“Life’s situations change, but the process of making art has always been a reliable foundation for me.  Like, a real friend with whom I can share thoughts and emotions in total honesty and trust. A friend, whom I can dare to have fun and play with colors, shapes, and all the other elements that comes along. It is an outlet of expression that gives form to emotions in a simple and direct way. This inner life is what gives rise to my creativity. A need to organize the half-formed images in my mind, which I must create to make tangible and share or maybe like an addiction in that it is something I must do? It is indeed, a necessary ingredient of my life.”

A selection of Mr. Buchinsky art is available as Giclee prints, along with original works of art and can be purchased by visiting

A portion of the sales will be donated to The Kant Institute.

Photo credits: Jude Rouslin and Vincent Buchinsky