Our Values


Through a creative approach, we envision fostering an environment of inclusivity for all members of society, despite racial, sexual, cultural, or socio-economic differences, in an effort to become engaged partners in change.


By providing creative platforms, the underserved and disenfranchised members of society will be in a position to take a bold stance through their art, to educate others on the realities of their plight, and to inspire positive change.


To innovative solutions to complex problems confronting society.


We are a proactive, non-partisan organization.


By working together, we hope to create an art-inspired dialogue that reflects the diversity of individuals in our community, to foster better understanding and empathy.


Collaborating with individuals across a broad spectrum is effective only if we can understand each other’s views and how we came to develop them. Through this intellectual empathy, we can create compromises that are beneficial to all groups and move away from modern-day power struggles between increasingly marginalized individuals.


Our work will only be effective if it inspires others to think and join in the conversation to work together to foster a more positive environment.