About the Hidden Truths Project (HTP)


Hidden Truths Project’s (HTP) mission is to foster education through the arts. We believe that art can act as a catalyst to promote a dialogue on issues confronting marginalized members of our society. HTP acts as a facilitator to engage the individual, to empower them to use their voice through a creative platform, while working collectively as a group, to bring light to the social and economic injustices directed toward these members of our society.  

All humans feel the need to be productive, independent, and contributing members of their community, surrounded by those that understand and accept them for who they are and not an assigned label.  As with many chronic conditions, the qualities that help make us independent humans may be obscured based on lack of societal understanding and preconceived bias.  The goal of this work is to improve quality of life and well-being for the individual, while educating the larger populace.